Moving Interstate Checklist

Are you considering an interstate move? Here is our moving interstate checklist for you.

Remember that moving interstate is not just about Melbourne or Queensland, there are a whole lot of other stops along the way. Perhaps you are moving from Narrabeen to the Blue Mountains, Mona Vale to Mittagong, Collaroy to Canberra! Regardless of the locations speak to John Bull Removals and Storage about how we can move you to your new location. We will provide you with an obligation free quote and help to ensure that your move is as stress-free as possible.

It can be an exciting time to move interstate, perhaps it is for work, perhaps it is for affordability or maybe just for a sea/tree change. Either way John Bull will help you ensure that your household items make it to the new location as easy and stress-free as possible. When you have been in business for as long as John Bull, you understand what it takes to help people with their move. Read a few of our testimonials to see how we can help you.

We even have an inventory checklist to help you – ask for a copy

Have you considered letting us do the packing for you? John Bull can provide a professional packing service to help to get you on the road to your new location.

Moving Interstate tips

  • Get your moving quotes early and make sure you choose an AFRA accredited moving company like John Bull Removals.
  • Ask about moving insurance – John Bull can ensure everything is covered for you.Fully Insured Removalists
  • Start arranging the services you need to have cut off or transferred – Electricity, Water, and Phone etc.
  • Make sure all your bills are up to date
  • Start packing anything you don’t regularly use
  • Label any/all the boxes you are packing
  • Write a list of essentials you will take that won’t travel with the removalists
  • Keep your important documents like passports safe and secure
  • Have a garage sale to get rid of those excess items
  • Redirect your mail to the new address
  • Pick up all your dry cleaning
  • If you are driving interstate, have your car serviced
  • Check your new property for readiness and connection of services
  • Arrange final cleaning
  • Have a checklist of items you have and the removalists have

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Organisation Tips for the New Year

Organisation Tips for the New Year

Let me guess – you’ve just moved house and can’t figure out what on earth to do with everything you own. Here are some organising tips to help you manage all your items. Hopefully, you had a good clear out while you were packing, but if you didn’t you can do it now. Remember though if you are moving house with John Bull we can pack and unpack everything for you – stress-free.

Organisation Tips for the New Year

Set a timer – If you find unpacking very overwhelming just do it in 10minute bursts or just pick one room at a time to do.

Plan – Write a plan of what you need to unpack or to purchase so that you can unpack.

Email – Get your bills all sent by email, this will stop the papers piling up

Direct debit – Get your bills all on direct debit, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to pay them.

Clothes – Anything you haven’t worn in the last 12 months you are unlikely to wear again so toss it out.

Magazines and books – Charity gift all the overrun of books and magazines that you don’t have space for and may never look at again.

Toys – Get the kids to organise the toys that can go to charity

Organisation Tips for the New Year


  1. Organisation station – Have a spot in the kitchen that is just for to-do lists, wifi passwords, messages, reminders. This can be the back of a door or on the face of the fridge.
  2. Cookbooks – Donate the ones you won’t be using in the near future.
  3. Fridge – Give the fridge a quick clean each and every time you bring in the shopping.
  4. Dishwasher – To ensure that you empty it, try doing this task while you boil the kettle for a cuppa. Make sure also to fill it and turn it on before bed, it will save you electricity too as this is off-peak.
  5. Cleaning – Clean as you go and wipe down your appliances regularly
  6. Prep – Prepping food ahead of time can save you loads of time
  7. Draw organisers – These simple dividers can make your life so much easier as you can find things quickly and easily.
  8. Containers – Only keep the containers that have lids and the lids that have containers, seems simple but over time this sure can get out of hand.
  9. Prepare your meals – Organised people know just what they are going to be eating all week. They prepare it in advance.
  10. Pack snacks – easy to grab snacks for yourself or the kids make it easy than the blank stares into the fridge and cupboards.Organisation Tips for the New Year

Boxes to move your house

Are you looking for boxes to move your house?

Looking for second hand or new boxes can sometimes be a little tricky to find. Perhaps you look online, ask friends and family or see if the supermarkets can help. At John Bull Removals and Storage we offer you a whole range of boxes and packing materials from our Box Shop at Mona Vale. For convenience, our box shop is on Sydney’s Northern Beaches!

Packing tape available at John Bull Removals and StoragePacking tape – Not all packing tape is created equally!

Some tape is far stronger than others and this is the tape we supply.

The last thing you want is your tape to break while you are moving.

The packing tape is just $4 per roll.

When you are wrapping the breakables it is much better to use craft or brown paper than in newspaper. Newspaper tends to mark your items because of the black ink. If you don’t want black ink all across you items, which will now all need to be washed, we can supply you with a roll of craft paper. When you are moving you certainly don’t need to add to your workload and then have to wash everything because there is black newspaper print on it.

Bubble Wrap and Bubble Craft Paper – Yes paper with bubbles!

Plenty to choose from in our range of bubble wrap to suit any items that you need to pack and move.

You can choose from rolls or sheets for what will work for your items and what you need to pack ready to take to your new place.John Bull Moving Boxes and packing materials

Tea Chests and Book Boxes – Multiple use

Our tea chest boxes are 42cm long x 40cm wide and a height of 63cm. These boxes are great for all types of items that you are needing to pack from your home. These boxes are just $5 new or $4 second hand and you can have $1 credit when you return them to us for someone else to use.

Our book boxes are 42cm long x 32cm wide and a height of 35 cm – not just for books, they are a dual ply cardboard and perfect for heavy or fragile items. These boxes are for all the things in your home that would be too heavy for the teas chest boxes, files, kitchen crockery or ornaments. Just remember that if it is too heavy to lift it may be too heavy for our removalists too.

John Bull Moving Boxes At John Bull, we are committed to the environment so we never want our boxes to be single use. Make sure you either bring them to us for a credit, pass them on to friends or reuse them your selves.

If this all seems too much for you remember that John Bull offers a packing service for you. Once all your belongings are at your new home we can even unpack everything for you there too. Our packing and unpacking services are ideal for the time poor. They are also perfect when you just can’t do all the work yourself, we can help you and make it less stressful.

At John Bull, we are offering you a complete service! From strong removalists, packing supplies, packing and unpacking services, interstate moves and our state of the art storage facility at Mona Vale – we have everything covered. If you have any questions, just ask!

46 Items to Recycle before you Move

So moving day is approaching and you have MANY years of “STUFF” to sort through – where do you start! Ideally, you can go room by room, don’t try to tackle everything at once and don’t forget the outside too. Recycle, donate, sell, upcycle and any other way you can redistribute your unwanted items before you simply drop to the landfill tip.

Support local charityBellow is a comprehensive list of items to sell, give away or donate before you start packing, ready to move. If you have the opportunity to have a garage sale this is another way of getting rid of any larger items and getting some cash back. With items like towels and blankets, there are always animal shelters that will be looking for these items.

Clothing will always be accepted by charity’s and if you have furniture in good condition they will often come and collect it from you too.


Inside and Outside

  1. Kitchen appliances you haven’t used in the last couple of years
  2. Chipped and mismatched dishes
  3. Mismatched knives
  4. Kitchen utensils that you never use or don’t know what they are anymore
  5. Old Cookbooks
  6. Broken appliances
  7. The plastic containers that have no lids and the lids without containers
  8. Out of date spices, teas and pantry items
  9. Scraps of wood or timber
  10. Old Paint tins
  11. Old tools
  12. Miscellaneous building or renovating items left over
  13. Gardening supplies
  14. Old Garden Hoses
  15. Excess or damaged furniture items
  16. That draw in your house with everything in it
  17. Garden party decorations
  18. Expired cosmetics
  19. Old samples you planned to use but never did
  20. Old or expired medicine
  21. Shower curtains
  22. Old hair dryers or curlers you no longer use
  23. Any old artwork you no longer love
  24. Those old crusty towels
  25. The fitted sheets that have no elastic
  26. The bed covers that are right at the back of the cupboard not getting used
  27. Extra blankets
  28. Old sewing supplies that just take up space
  29. Bills older than 12 months – unless you have a business then it is 5 years
  30. Old gift wrapping and cards
  31. Craft items that will never be finished
  32. Office supplies that you forgot you had
  33. Books you have read or will never read
  34. Old media that you now have as digital
  35. Office furniture you no longer need
  36. Clothes – an obvious one but anything you haven’t worn in the most recent season
  37. Clothing Accessories
  38. Shoes that you no longer love or wear
  39. The mystery items under you bed
  40. Old toys and games that the kids have grown out of
  41. Kids clothes and shoes they have grown out of
  42. Rugs that you won’t reuse
  43. Extra suitcases or travel bags you don’t use or need
  44. Old school artwork or books that are not needed
  45. Mattresses that may have been kept
  46. Camping gear that never gets used

No doubt there are more we could list and hopefully, this list makes your task a little more efficient too. Don’t forget to book John Bull Removals for your next move and if you still have extra items we have a storage facility for you.

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The Best Removalists Sydney NSW

How do you choose the best removalists Sydney NSW?

Moving house is a stressful time, especially if it has been a while since you moved or it may even be your first move ever. So how do you choose the best one?

Naturally, the best removalist is the one that can provide you with everything you need so knowing what you need is the first step. You can choose from a full service that includes packing and unpacking to just having the removalist take the big heavy items for you.

At John Bull Removals & Storage we are a full-service removalist so call us for a quote on your next move.

Know what you need – Best Removalists Sydney

It is important when you are planning to move to know what you actually need from a removalist.

  • Do you need a packing service
  • What about an unpacking service
  • Will the removalists just move your large items
  • If you pack everything the removalist can take the lot
  • Do you need boxes and furniture covers
  • Will there be specialist items to move like a piano
  • Are you moving interstate or local

What does the removalist offer

Now that you know what you need, you have to find a removalist who offers exactly what you need.

  • Ensure the removalist has insurance
  • Do you need a quote or are you happy to just pay by the hour
  • Have you read reviews about the removalist
  • Do they have a comprehensive website
  • Is their a great business history
  • Are they able to answer your questions when you call
  • Can they offer solutions if you have an unusual request
  • Do they have experience of moving to difficult sites
  • Can they offer you packing materials, tape etc?
  • Can they provide a packing and unpacking service for you

For the best removalist, Sydney NSW John Bull has the most equipt and local team for your next move. With more that 60 years in the business, we know what it takes to move your families most important possessions.

Contact us for an obligation free quote

Clearing Clutter ready to Move

Clearing clutter ready to move your home………..

You are moving house in the near future, so now is the best time to begin sorting out what you will take. If you have lived in the same place for a while, chances are that there will be a little clutter.

So, how do you clear the clutter and get ready to move?

Step 1 – Think about everything in your house and organise it into the following. This is often called the 4-box method and you do it room by room throughout your house.

Box 1 – Items you wish to keep and take with you

Box 2 – Items you wish to donate

Box 3 – Items you wish to sell

Box 4 – Items you wish to throw away

DIY moving can cost more than you think! John Bull Removals and Storage

Step 2 – Get rid of box’s 2, 3 and 4 ASAP.

Drop off your donations to a local charity for them to sell or give to those in need. Unwanted, clothing, books, and furniture that are better off with someone else.

Place your items/furniture for sale on websites like Gumtree or eBay so they can be sold before you move. The last thing you want to do is move items that you are not keeping anyway. The extra cash you make can help pay for the removals to your new home.

Lastly, take a trip or two to your local rubbish tip with those items that cannot be donated or sold. If you are lucky you may have a council clean up where you can put your items out for collection.

Step 3 – Now you can see exactly what you have and wish to keep you can begin packing ready for the move. Your removalist costs should be cheaper, and you will be ready to start a new chapter in your new home. Make sure too that if you are buying new furniture, arrange the delivery directly, to the new property.

Simple Clutter Clearing Tips

Tips Clearing Clutter ready to Move

  1. Reduce paper and arrange for as many bills as you can to be sent by email.
  2. Take baby steps in clearing one shelf first or one cupboard before moving to the whole room.
  3. Label boxes for donations, selling or rubbish.
  4. Once a box is full do with it what is on the box so you don’t just stack up boxes everywhere.
  5. Schedule a day or a weekend to decluttering.
  6. Anything you are keeping – make sure it has a home.
  7. Ensure your spaces are used well and are useful.
  8. Remember the cabinets, bathroom, kitchen etc. they also need to be cleared out on a regular basis. Check the expiry dates in the pantry.
  9. Declutter your clothes as well; if you haven’t worn it in the last season, you probably won’t wear it again. Donate it to someone else.

John Bull Removals and Storage are your local professionals so make sure you contact us for an obligation free quote for your next local or interstate move.