How to Relocate your Office

Moving office can be a daunting and stressful experience for even the most experienced of movers. It is important that you choose a reputable company, both to look after your furniture but also look after any of your private documents, intellectual property, materials and more. John Bull Removals Sydney have the experience you need to get the job done right the first time.

Ideally, you want the move to take place as quickly as possible so that you can avoid too much downtime in your business. It can be far more costly for a small business to move than a large company with the costs associated and the loss of productivity for a smaller business. This is why planning is so important and choosing a company to help you move and get you business up and running again.

Packing tape available at John Bull Removals and StoragePreparation is key, the more organised you are, the smoother and faster the relocation will be for your office or warehouse.

Office moving Tips

  1. New office – You’ve secured a new workspace and signed the contract, now is the time to start planning how your business will operate from the new space. Make plans for your staff needs and practical use of the space you are moving to. Where will the IT hub be, office printer, storage, filing, and more? Remember that if you have staff it is a good idea to run things past them to ensure you are meeting their needs too.
  2. Rubbish – What can you do without, what do you need to replace, what do you need that is now. Perhaps certain things won’t be moved, instead, they will be replaced with new. Can have the new items delivered straight to the new address to save on moving them? Ensure that any electronic equipment is recycled via your local council and any old furniture is donated, sold or removed from the office.
  3. Clients – Give your clients plenty of notice if they are going to be impacted by your business moving location. Let them know the new address and any downtime when you are out of contact. If you can move office at a time that least impacts your business and your clients/suppliers then this is the obvious best choice. Ensure you contact your suppliers, post office for mail redirection and update all contact information everywhere your business is listed.
  4. Boxing – Just like moving your house, the better you pack and label everything, the easier it will be to find and unpack once you arrive at your new space. John Bull Removals and storage can supply you with all the boxes and packing supplies that you need and we can help you store anything that won’t be going to the new office.

Moving office doesn’t have to be an arduous task – given the right amount of planning and the right choice of removalists it can be smooth and efficient.

Speak to the team at John Bull Removals & Storage to see how we can make your next office relocation as smooth as possible.

HOW TO- Prepare your refrigerator for the move

Empty the refrigerator of all its contents. Make sure that both your refrigerator and freezer are free of food, condiments, ice cube trays, and anything else that might rattle around and shift weight. Remove items placed outside of your refrigerator as well, such as magnets.

If there are perishable items in the refrigerator, finish them or give them away. If you’re in the middle of a big move, it’s probably easier to just to toss the things you can’t finish now.


Remove the shelves. Remove all removable components from the inside of the fridge, including shelves, trays, and other loose or movable items, organisers, and dividers. Wrap the shelves in towels for protection, then label and stack them carefully.

You may also opt to secure shelving in place with tape instead of removing, but it is recommended to remove them altogether and pack them separately. Depending on your fridge, though, this might be a fine option. If they’re secure, consider taping them into place and creating less mess with the move.

Unplug the refrigerator.
 Coil the power cord securely and tape it in a tight bundle to make sure that it stays in place while moving. If your refrigerator has an ice maker, disconnect this from the water source as well.

Defrost the freezer if necessary
 If a considerable amount of frost has built up in the freezer, you’ll need to defrost it before going forward with the move. This would normally take 6 to 8 hours to complete, so make sure you have ample time before the move.

Give it a clean while it is empty, this means that once you set up in your new home all you need to do is fill it!


Your removalists will use a specialist trolley to move your fridge to the truck, if required they may use an elastic strap to keep the doors secure.


Northern Beaches Removalists

How do you find a mover, choose a removalist, pick the right company – to move your most important items? 

Moving your household can be such a stressful time and you want to make sure that your chosen removalists are experienced and knowledgeable in their business. When you chose someone like John Bull removals you are using a company with more than 60 years in the industry. This experience and knowledge is going to make your move far more enjoyable.

Choose one with the services you need:

  • A removalist who is a member of AFRA
  • Knowledge to answer the questions you have
  • A removalist with experience and experienced staff
  • Local knowledge
  • Packing and unpacking services
  • Interstate capabilities
  • Storage facilities – long term or short term
  • Boxes and packing materials
  • Great customer reviews

to name a few…


Moving within or to Sydney’s Northern Beaches

If you are moving within Sydney’s Northern Beaches or moving to this area from somewhere else you will find a beautiful coastal series of suburbs. With stunning beaches, shopping, schools and so much more it is perfect for all types of families, singles or retirees.

John Bull removals and storage is located towards the Northern end at 3/83 Bassett St, Mona Vale. We are your Northern Beaches Removalists.

Northern Beaches Removalists

Moving from the Northern Beaches elsewhere

Have you decided to leave Sydney’s Northern Beaches for work or lifestyle? A sea change or tree change, interstate or entire country change.

Speak to John Bull Removals and Storage to see how we can make your move easy.

With Sydney being one of the most livable cities it is no surprise that a huge number of new residents move to Sydney’s Northern Beaches to enjoy the lifestyle on offer. Living an outdoors and beach lifestyle is often a high priority for new residents.

At John Bull Removals and Storage, we are community minded and take pride in our local Northern Beaches Community. So if you are moving anywhere around the Beaches or beyond we look forward to being able to provide you with one or more of our removalist services.

Northern Beaches Removalists

Northern Beaches Storage

At John Bull Removals and Storage we have a state of the art modular storage facility located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. On offer to you is both long and short term storage to suit your specific needs. Our facility is a secure warehouse fitted with a back to base alarm and specifically designed to hold our modular boxes.

The modular boxes are made from plywood which is breathable to ensure your items can maintain a constant temperature within our warehouse. When stored they are slightly elevated also to maintain temperature through all seasons. There is no need to worry about mould, mildew or general deterioration of your items.

Moving and need storage – Home or Office

Northern beaches storageWhen you move house, there is not always the opportunity to go from one house to the other, without interruption. You may find that there is a delay in between, you decide to take a trip or perhaps you need to do some renovating before you move your items in.

Some of our clients move overseas or interstate for a period and don’t wish to take everything with them. This is when John Bull Removals and storage can deliver, remove, wrap and securely pack your items into our modular boxes and store for as long as you need.

Moving office and need to store some items? We can make it easy for you.

Renovating and need storageNorthern beaches storage

Even the smallest of renovations at your home can be disruptive and find you without enough space to keep all your items elsewhere in the home. This is where our storage pods are ideal as you can just pack away the larger items that are in the way of your renovation or pack up your whole home. We also don’t have any minimum or maximum time frames for your storage needs.

Run out of space and need storage – Home or Office

Perhaps your home just can’t hold everything you wish to keep, and you are running out of space. In our homes space is always a premium so why not clear some space and pop some of the unused items into storage.

Has a family member moved and suddenly you find yourself with double the amount of furniture and personal items? Why not pack them into our storage modules until you are ready to go through them. Once you are ready you can sort and put them up for sale or find the space to keep these items.

Is your office space getting a bit full but you don’t want to move – just pop some items into storage and regain space again.

There are so many reasons we run out of space and need to store items elsewhere – John Bull’s modular storage systems are just what you need.

Avid collector and need storage

Northern beaches storageMany of us love to collect, and this can overtake our homes – perhaps you need to store some to make room for more items.

These items are valuable and important but can also often be safely stored for a future date.

Maybe your partner has issued an ultimatum, and you need to clear some space, or you will be out too – John Bull is happy to solve your storage problems.

John Bull Removals and Storage Northern BeachesWhy not have your entire collection securely stored with John Bull.

So, whatever the reason, John Bull Removals and Storage is here to keep your items safe and secure until you need them again. Get in touch with the team at John Bull and see just how easy it is to arrange for the modules to be brought to your home or office and solve your storage problems.

Contact John Bull Removals and Storage – Sydney’s Northern Beaches and North Shore secure modular storage facility. 9999 1000

36 DIY Moving Tips

36 DIY Moving Tips

36 DIY Moving Tips

There are not too many people who say they love moving, here are some tips to help you along the way.



  1. Start Early – It is not usually a surprise that you are moving next week, so make a start as soon as you know.
  2. Plan and take any furniture to charities ASAP to create space and so you know how much furniture you will have for removalists.
  3. Get a quote from an AFRA member like
  4. List and sell any unwanted items in Ebay or Gumtree ASAP
  5. Plan to redirect your mail early so you don’t forget.
  6. Plan to have the kids and the pets looked after on the day of the move if possible.
  7. Arrange cleaners, carpet cleaners etc. or time to do it yourself once the home is empty.
  8. Plan to move your insurance from the old house to the new and make any changes to the policy if required.
  9. Make a list of energy, water, phone, Internet suppliers that need to be contacted and transferred.
  10. Don’t forget your vehicle registration as you won’t have a sticker on your vehicle and you may not be notified when it is due. Change the address or notifications to be directed to your email.
  11. Notify your vehicle insurance of a change of garage location as this may also affect your policy.
  12. Create an overnight bag – change of clothes, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, Pj’s, take away menu’s and whatever you will need for the first night. Just in case you can’t get to these things on the first night.
  13. Do a clear box with things like scissors, toilet paper, phone chargers, plates, cutlery etc. The clear box will allow you to find it easily.
  14. Powdered makeup – add a cotton pad to the compact to help prevent breakages.
  15. You can wrap breakables in clothing to save on bubble wrap or paper.
  16. Plates are better packed vertical to avoid breakage.
  17. Clean socks work as great box fillers in your breakables to stop things moving.
  18. Label your boxes with both the items and the room they are going to – not just the top of the box, when you stack them you need the label on the side.
  19. You can label with coloured tape to make it very easy for the movers to know what room to put things.
  20. Use tape with fragile so everyone knows which ones to be extra careful with.
  21. Numbering all the boxes can help to ensure none of the boxes go astray with the move.
  22. Remember that you can use suitcases, storage boxes, and laundry baskets in place of boxes.
  23. Use vacuum seal bags for any out of season blankets or clothing.
  24. Tough garbage bags can be used to pack hanging clothes. Tie the hangers together with a string and the clothes go in the bag.
  25. Any gels, shampoos or liquids – remove the lid, cover with plastic wrap and put the lid back on. This prevents any spillage during the move.
  26. Always pack heavy items to the bottom and lighter to the top.
  27. Any heavy items like books are better in smaller boxes so that they are not too heavy.
  28. Put light things like pillows in larger boxes to fill any space gaps.
  29. A chest of draws can often have the contents left inside, just cover with plastic wrap to keep the items in place.
  30. Any furniture that can be pulled apart will be easier to move.
  31. Put any screws, nut and bolts in labelled sandwich bags.
  32. Tap the bags to the items if practical.
  33. Put any electrical cords in labelled bags so you know where they belong.
  34. Take photos of set up electronics if you are unlikely to remember how to plug them back in.
  35. Make sure everything is completely packed before the removalists arrive.
  36. Consider using a packing and unpacking service if all of this seems too much.

Do you have any to add?

Moving to the White House

Moving to the white house

You may not be moving to the white house like Donald Trump but moving house can still present challenges. For someone like Donald Trump, is The White House going to be larger than his current home or is the living space going to be smaller! It may not be as homely, there may be more people around, he may not like the décor, to name a few challenges.

Moving to the White House

What about your family? Are you planning a move to a different home? Perhaps you are upsizing your home or perhaps you are downsizing? What challenges do you foresee?

Are you moving to a larger home?

If you are purchasing a home that is larger that your current home there are things to consider.

  • Do you have enough furniture?
  • How much more will new furniture cost?
  • Who will be cleaning the new home?
  • What about the lawn and garden?
  • Maintenance on a larger home costs more?
  • Is our furniture suitable for the new house?
  • Have you thought about the costs of owning a larger home?
  • How long are we going to be in this larger home?

Moving to the White House

Are you moving to a smaller home?

Perhaps you already have a large home and now the kids have moved out and you are ready to downsize? Or maybe you have been researching the tiny house movement and want to be a part of downscaling your life.

  • What are you going to do with all the extra furniture?
  • How much furniture should we bring?
  • Is our existing furniture suitable for the new house?
  • What will we do with all the stuff in the shed?
  • How much does storage cost while we decide?
  • How do we decide?
  • We will be making lots of savings on things like power and rates, how will we spend the extra money?

Moving to the White House

John Bull can help you will either scenario, we can help you pack and unpack. Provide storage solutions while you figure out what to do with everything.

Contact John Bull for an obligation free quote.