Box Shop

Our premises in Mona Vale are a one-stop-shop for all of your packing needs, from boxes to packing tape and mattress covers-we have you covered!

You can find our Box Shop at Unit 3, 83 Bassett Street, MONA VALE, NSW 2103

Courtesy of Google maps

Courtesy of Google maps

We will even give you a small refund on the boxes that you bring back, we are committed to the environment and would encourage you to pass your used boxes on to friends that need them or return them to us. If you do not have time to pack your house, take a look at our pre-packing service where we offer a comprehensive packing service. We also offer a service to unpack your belonging once you get to your destination!


BOOK BOXBox shop_book box

Length 42cm x width 32cm x height 35 cm
Constructed from top quality, dual ply cardboard, this box is specifically designed to carry anything heavy or fragile. This is the ideal box to choose when packing kitchen crockery, glassware, cutlery and tins of food. Called the ‘book box’ for obvious reasons, but also perfect for many other household items such as files, stationery, ornaments and anything too heavy for packing in the Tea Chest. Please consider, when packing your boxes, that if the box is too heavy for you to lift it will also be too heavy for your removalist!
$4.00 each, $3.00 used and we will credit you 50c for each box that you return to us

TEA CHESTBox shop_tea chest

Length 42cm x width 40cm x height 63cm
This is the ideal carton to use for everyday clothes, kitchen appliances, lamp-shades, Manchester, children’s toys, bric-a-brac and anything too large for the book box.
$5.00 each, $4.00 used and we will credit you $1 for each box that you return to us.

Box shop_Packing material


Highly recommended for use on fragile or valuable pieces such as art, China, or breakable items. Paper-backed bubble craft is specifically recommended for packing artwork (especially oils). Pre-cut bubble wrap 6m3 sheets are $10 each, we can also sell the entire 100m (1.5m wide) roll to you for  $160.00. Paper-backed bubble craft is available $3 per meter (1.5m wide)


Box shop_Packing tape

There are some essential items that you will need in order to pack your treasured items safely for your removalist, they include butcher’s paper (perfect for your plates, bowls, glasses and ornaments) and of course packing tape to secure your boxes. We sell quality packing tape by the roll at $4.00 per roll, we choose to use a high-quality tape so that your tape does not break! Reams of butchers paper are available in two different sizes, a 15kg ream ($50) and a 5kg ream ($15).