Why do people use storage

Have you ever wondered – Why do people use storage? Really!

By far the largest percentage of people who use storage are people who are moving. This is followed by people decluttering their homes, renovating and storing a loved one’s belongings. Northern beaches storage


  • Downsizing – If you are moving to a smaller property you may want to store some of your special belongings to be able to make decisions at a later stage once you are settled into your new space.
  • Staging for Sale – Putting away the items that may not be ideal for showing your home including all those items that make your home personal to you. Storage is the perfect option here. Many real estate agents will suggest that you set your home a certain way for sale and you may find that some or all your items are removed and professional stagers come into style your home.
  • Moving in together – When to people or two families move in together, chances are you both have a lot of stuff. Storage can help you consolidate and work out what you want to store, use or sell.
  • Your settlement date changes – Sometimes a settlement date may be extended and you find yourself and your household items with nowhere to be.
  • A job with travel – If you find yourself travelling consistently for work or moving overseas, you may want to store your items for the time being.


Long before Marie Kondo and the Komari Method was a thing we have all needed to declutter our lives. Decluttering is not always about getting rid of these belongings it can be just putting them into storage 36 DIY Moving Tipsfor the time being. Even if it is getting the tinny of the driveway to make more space!


Are you planning a renovation? It doesn’t have to be a big renovation to need storage. You may be just renovating your kitchen and need to store everything while this happens. Or you may be tearing down half of your house and need somewhere to put all your items so you can live freely in the remaining part of the home.


When you are dealing with the loss of a family member it can be a very overwhelming time. There is a lot to do and going through belongings is not always a priority. By waiting a period of time until you feel more comfortable helps with your emotions at this time. Particularly if you have to work with other family members during the process, it can be easier to wait several weeks or months.


Regardless of your storage needs – Contact John Bull Removals and Storage to see how we can help you with your storage needs.

How to move interstate stress free

Relocating to a different state can be a lot of work and quite overwhelming. With the right advice, a big move doesn’t have to be a big headache.

Moving, in general, can be stressful but when you are doing a big interstate move, it can feel so much harder. In some cases, it can take up to a week for your goods to arrive which can add to the stresses. On top of the cost and time, you have the added pain of moving kids to a new school, changing your electoral roll address and changing your car registration.

When moving interstate, bringing in experts to help move can be well worth the expense!

Tip: Professional packers and unpackers save time

It is becoming common for interstate moves to include professional packing services to save time. We can unpack and set up your new home when the containers have been delivered.John Bull Packing and Unpacking Removalist

Example: “Our professional packers can pack up a family home in one day, rather than a week or more by one person. Packers also unpack cartons – which is defined as “unpacking contents onto flat surfaces”, not putting away in cupboards and bookshelves – at the destination.”

Note: With the majority of interstate moves relating to work, the employer often picks up the tab – including packing!

Avoid overstuffing boxes

If you are doing the packing yourself, there are a few points to remember, especially if you are moving with limited available time.

  • People tend to “over-pack”, meaning they have far too many boxes and effectively pay to move excess material.
  • Others, do not disperse weight within the boxes, which means some can be too heavy.
  • To avoid this do not put many heavy items in each carton.
  • Also, minimise using packing materials by utilising bed sheets, rugs and pillows around breakable items.
  • And, don’t forget to label boxes in detail. There is nothing worse than trying to rummage through multiple boxes when you need something. This will also make it easier to avoid putting breakables at the bottom of the pile during the move.

Remember that professional packers are trained to pack in a way that avoids breakages with a move!

How to move interstate on a budget?

Moving long distances will cost, but there are a few ways to help minimise the hip-pocket hit.

  • Purge before you pack to reduce the amount you are moving
  • Use a trustworthy company and get quotes in writing
  • Don’t move during peak seasons
  • Have your new house ready to avoid added storage costs
  • Throw a garage sale to lighten the load and raise money to put toward moving costs

If you have any questions or need help to arrange your next move – contact the team at John Bull Removals and Storage.

Decluttering the KonMari Way

Are you familiar with the Japanese decluttering and best selling author Marie Kondo?

If you have read her book or watched the Netflix series you will know about the perfectly folded clothes and only keeping belongings that make you feel joy.

Her advice when decluttering is to hold each item you own in your hands and ask “does this spark joy?”. When the answer is no you are to thank the item for its service and donate the item or pass it onto someone who will have the joy of this item.

Marie recommends thanking your clothes for their service (i.e. thank your jacket for keeping you warm today), and really look after your clothes so that they will love you back for the appreciation.

Decluttering the KonMari Way

When it comes to decluttering, if you are having trouble parting with a piece of clothing because you spent a lot of money on it (yet it’s not quite the right fit), then you can part with the item by thanking it for its service. Even though it was never worn, it taught you not to buy clothes that don’t fit perfectly, therefore, it has still given you a lot of value.

Your future clothes are now items that you truly love to wear and you will always have something to wear.

Marie has a method of folding items that allows you to see every item in your drawer with ease. Not everything has to be hung on hangers, ask yourself if the item would be happier hung up rather than folded. You may be surprised to find that you are now only hanging large coats, business shirts and dresses.

T-shirts can be folded as simply as:

  • Place item upright on a flat surface
  • Divide item into three
  • Fold one side in and tuck in sleeve
  • Repeat on another side
  • Fold body in half
  • Now fold into thirds
  • Stand vertically for storage

Her method is about joy and not about minimalism. For example, if when you get home and remove your jacket, you know that it has a home within your home. This reduces decisions and allows you to make fewer decisions and spend time on the things you love.

Are you ready for the KonMari way?

For everything that you need to store – contact John Bull Removals and Storage

Decluttering the KonMari Way

Moving Boxes

One of the first things you may think about is “I need moving boxes”

Do you:

  • Get new ones
  • Find some used ones
  • Look on Facebook or Gum Tree to see anyone giving them away
  • Ask your friends and family

What size boxes, tape, bubble wrap, paper and more do you even need?

Well, luckily we have everything sorted for you at our Box Shop in Mona Vale! John Bull is a one-stop-shop for all of your packing needs, from boxes to packing tape and mattress covers-we have you covered, literally!

You can find our Box Shop at Unit 3, 83 Bassett Street, MONA VALE, NSW 2103


BOOK BOXBox shop_book box – Length 42cm x width 32cm x height 35 cm
Constructed from top quality, dual ply cardboard, this box is specifically designed to carry anything heavy or fragile. This is the ideal box to choose when packing kitchen crockery, glassware, cutlery and tins of food. Called the ‘book box’ for obvious reasons, but also perfect for many other household items such as files, stationery, ornaments and anything too heavy for packing in the Tea Chest. Please consider, when packing your boxes, that if the box is too heavy for you to lift it will also be too heavy for your removalist!
We will credit you $1 for each box that you return to us

TEA CHESTBox shop_tea chest – Length 42cm x width 40cm x height 63cm
This is the ideal carton to use for everyday clothes, kitchen appliances, lamp-shades, Manchester, children’s toys, bric-a-brac and anything too large for the book box.
We will credit you $1 for each box that you return to us.

Yes, we have used boxes available too and if you have no idea what you need just ask one of the friendly faces at John Bull. Plus we have all the paper and bubble wrap you could need and tape to keep everything secure.

Don’t forget – you don’t have to do any of this yourself if you don’t want to – we can arrange to pack and unpack EVERYTHING. 

Here is a recent testimonial

I’d like to commend your staff on a great job.  The packing ladies were polite, pleasant, easy to deal with, fast packers and professional.

The removalists were the same.  Everyone just arrived and got on with the job, and it was done efficiently and effectively.   Nothing was a bother, anything a little out of the box ( eg moving the desks into the new building and TV out of the old) was handled with no fuss.

You have great staff, doing an awesome job for you.

Sandra van Kool

Moving house the easy way

Are you looking to move house the easy way? John Bull is here to help!

Once you begin packing you may be surprised by just how much ‘stuff’ you actually have. It is vital that you don’t leave it to the week or two before you move to get started. If you do leave it this late you will find that you are in a whole world of chaos and frustration.

At John Bull, we can provide you with a packing service and also an unpacking service to save you all the hassle of doing this – the choice is yours!

John Bull Packing and Unpacking Removalist

If you are going to pack here are some tips:

BOOK YOUR REMOVALIST EARLY – So often we receive last-minute calls for bookings in the same week and this is not always something we can accommodate. By booking John Bull as soon as you know you are moving we are more likely to be available for you.

Get yourself set up with a moving workstation – At this station have a simple caddy that has packing tape, coloured labels, a marker (sharpie), notebook, boxcutter and scissors. This caddy can travel around the house as you pack and be ready to go to the dining table or desk when you need to sit and make notes.

Boxes – You can use any type of box, but you want to make sure that is it a strong one. The last thing you need is the bottom falling through when someone is carrying it. At John Bull, we can supply boxes for you.

Opportunity – There is no better time to get rid of the things you don’t want or need when you move. Don’t ever take it with you as you will never get rid of it. Sell, donate or take a trip to the tip.

Colour – By colour coding the boxes with stickers or paper you can then create a room code. This makes it so easy to know which box to put where. You also can have a list to pin up in the new house to make the drop off of the boxes so much easier.

Give it a star rating – If you know the items you need immediately unpacked give the box a 5-star rating. If it can wait a few weeks to be unpacked perhaps just 1 star.

Valuables – Take the valuables yourself in your car. This will give you the peace of mind that you know exactly where they are.

Wrap your breakables – Using the linen to wrap breakables, socks around glasses and pillows to stop things moving in boxes is a great trick.

Label the cables – By writing labels and wrapping the cables you will know how to reconnect everything. Take photos too of what is plugged where if you are unsure.moving house the easy way

Clothes – Leave them on their hangers and group them with large garbage bags. At least if they slide off the hanger you still have the item!

Suitcases – These are great to stack books or heavy items as they are on wheels!

Be organised – The more organised you are the faster it is for us, the removalists. Have everything ready the night before and then all you need to do is clean the house when it is empty.


The team at John Bull want your move to be as easy as possible so if you have any questions – just ask.

John Bull Removals and Storage.


There are some items we can’t move

Did you know that there are some items that our removalists can’t move for you?

These items all need to be disposed of responsibly and by contacting your local council they can advise of the collection centre closest to you for disposal.

  • Hazardous Goods
  • Poisonous materials
  • Prohibited or dangerous goods
  • Animals
  • Plants (particularly interstate moves)
  • Unclean items
  • Paints and flammable items

There are some items we can't move

There are others that require special attention before we can move them for you!

  • Gas bottles – need to be purged of all gas and certified
  • Lawnmowers and other gardening equipment should have all fuel drained. If they are going into storage they need to be completely cleaned of all fuel deposits.
  • Remove batteries from the items that are going into storage or getting moved overseas
  • Interstate or international moves may also have special regulations which we can advise you of at the time of your booking.
  • Make sure you dispose or use any fresh food items and any others that will not last a few days.

Prepare yourself a survival kit with toiletries, tea, coffee, milk and other drinks, personal items, first aid kit, spare clothing, tea towels and other dish cleaning equipment. This is great for the first night so that you don’t have to try to search for the simple things you need immediately at your new home.

Other items that you are best to keep with you are your valuables like jewellery or family heirlooms, even important documents really are best to be kept out of a moving van. For your own peace of mind, you are better to have these items with you or stored securely elsewhere.

Lastly, your pets – moving is a very stressful time for pets and they need their own special attention. Make sure you keep your pets confined and safe during the moving process. Speak to your vet about moving tips to ensure they can transition into the new home peacefully.

If you have any questions about your next move – speak to the team at John Bull Removals and Storage.