Hints and Tips

Your essential guide to moving house 

Our top hints and tips to ensure a stress-free move…

We have put together 30 years of removalist experience to bring you the following hints and tips on making your move as stress-free and quick as possible. It can be very easy to get disorganised when you are moving but if you use our printable step-by-step move planner you will be off to a great start!

Click here for a printable step-by-step move planner!

If you are packing your possessions yourself

  • Use only standard tea chests and book boxes obtained from your removalist
  • If it fits in a box, put it in a box
  • Use nothing smaller than a book box
  • Striped shopping bags and heavy duty garbage bags are acceptable for soft items such as bedding or clothes
  • Do not use archive boxes as they are not strong enough
  • Do not pack in open top boxes or baskets
  • Use butchers paper not newspaper as it may mark your possessions
  • Fill boxes to 5cm from the top and fill with crushed paper to ensure the contents do not move within the box
  • Firmly tape flat the top and bottom of boxes
  • If you cannot lift the box when full by the open flaps without them ripping it is too heavy
  • Spread weight amongst boxes; have two or three boxes open at a time while packing.
  • Wrap small and fragile items
  • Pack glasses, china and other fragile items in book boxes
  • Pack books, magazines and CDs in book boxes
  • Remove shades and globes from lamps and pack in a box
  • Plastic storage boxes are prone to breakage and are best in a box if possible or empty with no lid
  • Wrap paintings and mirrors and pack vertically in boxes. Mark box “PAINTINGS – KEEP UPRIGHT”. If they are too big for a box we will wrap them , see this short video for some tips on packing your precious pieces.
  • Remove bed legs and fittings from bedrails, tape slats
  • Remove mirror arms from dressing tables
  • Clean and wrap barbeque plates and burners and pack in a book box
  • Stack boxes away from furniture so that our removalists have easy access to furniture
  • Clearly mark the room destination on top and at least one side of every box
  • Check your insurance cover – self-packing may not be covered by your insurer
  • If you don’t have time to pack yourself, we offer a pre-packing service
  • Pack a ‘First-night survival kit’ containing all of your essential for your first night in your new home- kitchen items, toiletries, bed linen, nightwear, clothing, children’s favourite toys/food, pet needs, tea/coffee, cups, bowls, cutlery, toaster and kettle.

Preparing for your removalists

  • Furniture – remove cobwebs, dust; do not polish or oil
  • Fridges & freezers – empty, clean, dry and secure according to the manufacturers’ instructions
  • Washing machines – disconnect, drain, dry and secure according to the manufacturers’ instructions
  • Tools – sheathe saws, axes, forks, picks etc. Tape items into manageable bundles
  • Paint, chemicals and unemptied gas bottles – we cannot move these
  • Plants – do not water. Remove mulch and pebbles. For ceramic or concrete pots over 500mm high or wide, remove plant, place plant in hessian bag and secure the top of the bag
  • Access – trim or tie back trees that overhang your driveway to enable free access for our trucks; remove moss and mould from paths and steps

Prior to your move

  • Advise neighbours if their access is to be affected.
  • If our removalists are unable to park on your property, secure a suitable loading area as close as possible to your house – 3 to 5 parking spots
  • Purchase Removal Insurance through John Bull to ensure that your belonging are protected whilst in transit.

Packing your house #packingmaterial

Moving day

  • When our removalists arrive ensure they know where to park their vehicles
  • If you are unable to be present ensure that you appoint an agent to act on your behalf
  • Walk around the house with our removalists to show them exactly what you want done
  • Pack yourself a survival kit with toiletries, tea, coffee, milk and other drinks
  • Collect all house keys
  • Check all cupboards and storage areas (inside and outside) to ensure nothing has been left behind

At your new house

  • Locate all keys to your new house
  • Check that gas, electricity, water and telephone are connected
  • Turn on hot water system
  • Ensure your pets are safe and out of the way of our removalists
  • Have our removalists place heavy furniture in the room and position that you want it
  • Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee / pour yourself a drink, relax and congratulate yourself on the choice of John Bull Removals & Storage for a stress-free move!
  • When you find your laptop in the box marked ‘laptop’ take some time to leave a review on your experience with John Bull on Facebook, Product Review or Google+

On the day of your move

  • Have a large and small box open and ready for any items left lying around
  • Pack yourself a survival kit with first aid kit, toiletries, tea, coffee, milk, snacks, cups and other drinks
  • Have mop or sponge to clean up water leaks from fridge, freezer or washing machineMoved_takeaway

On arrival and unpacking

  • Be available to advise your removalist where you would like your possessions placed
  • Slice tape on boxes with a knife – damaged boxes are not refundable
  • Order a takeaway and enjoy your new home!