Insurance for Removals

Accidents do happen…

Make sure you have adequate insurance cover

If there is one area of a move that causes more confusion amongst customers than any other, it is insurance.  For an explanation about insurance, the summary provided by the Australian Furniture Removers Association here is probably a good starting point.

Insurance for RemovalsJohn Bull Removals & Storage, as a member of AFRA, is required to hold certain policies that provide protection for its customers in some situations.  However, to ensure maximum coverage, you should consider Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance, this will ensure that your belongings are covered whilst in transit. Only a licensed person is able to give you advice in relation to insurance or to sell you insurance, John Bull Removals & Storage has licensed staff and is able to discuss your insurance requirements with you and to sell you the insurance you require.

It is worth noting some words of warning from AFRA when considering an insurance policy:

“Your qualified removalist will be able to offer you a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) and a Financial Services Guide (FSG) and answer any questions you have concerning the insurance of your goods whilst in transit, that means between houses.  If a removalist is unable to do this, they may not be qualified to sell you insurance.”

AFRA have provided a short video clip about why you should get cover for your move and why you should choose an AFRA member.

You can obtain a copy of John Bull Removal & Storage’s Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide here.

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